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Welcome to the San Diego Scoliosis Center

Finally there is a major non-surgical breakthrough for you or your loved one diagnosed with scoliosis. The SpineCor flexible scoliosis brace offers adolescent scoliosis patients and adult scoliosis patients an excellent alternative to surgery and traditional rigid braces. Dr. Tyson Perez has patients from all over the world and is the only doctor in San Diego certified in pediatric and adult SpineCor bracing.  

San Diego Scoliosis Center Offers Patients Revolutionary Life Changing Scoliosis Treatment

spinecor_dynamic_corrective_brace.jpgThe San Diego Scoliosis Center is on the cutting edge of scoliosis treatments and we are one of only a handful of clinics in the country to offer the latest advancement in the field of scoliosis. That major advancement is the SpineCor dynamic scoliosis brace, which is a huge improvement over the traditional rigid braces and invasive surgeries that are the norm for scoliosis treatment. Dr. Tyson Perez works with patients of all ages from around the world to eliminate pain, restore proper posture and correct or stabilize their scoliosis curves using a revolutionary new treatment called SpineCor.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a three dimensional deformation of the spine affecting the nerves, muscles and bones. The three dimensional twisting that occurs with scoliosis is similar to a wet towel that is being "wrung out."  

Scoliosis Treatment and SpineCor Basics for Adolescents and Adults

hard_brace.jpgThe two primary scoliosis treatments that have traditionally been available include hard bracing and surgery.

The primary problem with hard braces is that they attempt to address scoliosis as simply a skeletal problem when in reality scoliosis is a neuro-musculo-skeletal problem. Traditional rigid braces force the spine into a straighter alignment which may look better on an in-brace X-ray, however, in many cases, once the brace is removed  the scoliosis worsens due to the permanent impairment of the muscles and nervous system.  Even in cases where the hard brace is successful at halting the progression of scoliosis, it results in long-term dysfunction of the nerves, muscles & skeleton.

Another option for scoliosis treatment is surgery. Scoliosis surgery, however, has many drawbacks including permanent loss of normal spinal motion, high cost and complications such as infections, nerve damage and weakening of the spinal column. In many patients, repeat surgeries are necessary due to bone growth or faulty hardware.  

SpineCor is different. Patients fitted at our office with the flexible SpineCor brace see and feel results right away. The brace has a series of flexible bands that support the spine, bringing it back to a normal alignment in ALL THREE dimensions and allow the muscles and nervous system to function normally. 


The SpineCor brace is very thin, and it can be worn under most types of clothing without being noticed. Unlike traditional hard braces, it's designed to be worn while participating in athletic activities, which allows patients to live active lives without the level of pain they have come to expect from those sorts of activities.

before_and_after_xray.jpgWhen our SpineCor brace is fitted onto adolescents, it helps bring the spine into it's normal alignment to allow the bones to grow and develop properly providing permanent scoliosis correction. As the child grows, the muscles strengthen and the nervous system learns to integrate the proper spinal position and posture.   Many of our young patients experience ongoing correction of their scoliosis, even after they discontinue using the SpineCor brace. Because it's important that children start treatment as soon as possible, we encourage parents to bring their children into our office for an consultation and examination as soon as a problem is noticed.

The SpineCor brace is also an extremely effective treatment for adult scoliosis as it can significantly reduce and, in many cases, eliminate pain. Here at San Diego Scoliosis Center, we fit adults with the SpineCor brace to correct posture and help train the muscles to provide strength and stability to the spine allowing them to participate in normal physical activities more easily. This reduces pressure on spinal discs, bones and nerves, which can save adults from progressive pain, degeneration and surgery. SpineCor is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment option for adult scoliosis and hyperkyphosis (aka hunchback).

Based on the initial consultation, exam and X-rays, we determine, on a case by case basis, what the best course of treatment is.  To schedule an appointment at our clinic or to learn more about benefiting from this treatment, contact the office today.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call (760) 730-2150 today!

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